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Unfortunately, no products match your criteria. Please widen your search. Request to Reset Your Password Received A temporary link to reset your password has been emailed to you. SUBSCRIBE Follow Vogue share-instagram Newsletter Sign Up Welcome to British Vogue. The singer arrived at the company's headquarters in Germany yesterday and had her first creative meeting with the design team. Having signed a "multi-year partnership" cash advance the company, Rihanna will take a "hands-on approach," WWD reports, working on Puma's fitness and training collections across apparel as well as shoes.

Rihanna "will work with Cash advance to design and customise classic Puma styles cash advance well as create new styles to add to the Puma product portfolio," Puma said in a statement today. With a strong portfolio in football, running and motorsport, finding an inspiring partner for women's training was very important. Rihanna was a natural choice for us. Cash advance delighted to have her as a partner, and we're looking forward to what's to come.

It's far from Rihanna's first foray into fashion, with successful link-ups with labels including River Island, MAC, Giorgio Armani, Balmain and Gucci all already on her CV. Follow Vogue share-instagram Newsletter Sign Up Welcome to British Vogue. Which NHL team are you representing this season. Grab the latest NHL hats, jerseys, apparel, and more from Lids.

Baseball fans, be sure to check out the MLB Shop at Lids where you can grab the latest Toronto Blue Jays hats, jerseys, t-shirts, and more MLB gear today. All three were born in the wild and were found orphaned in South Dakota's Black Hills.

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks rescued the cats on October 4, 2005. They were determined to be about 3 months old and were brought here to the Zoo on October 27, 2005. Have a question about this animal.

Ask an expert on our Docent Council. While they're young, payday loans no credit check puma kittens are spotted and have bluish eyes. But they grow fast, and they soon lose their spots.

Adult pumas typically have a tannish-colored coat much like the African lion but the color can range from a grayish to dark brown.

They also have small heads and small, rounded, ears that are black on the back. The most recognizable feature of the puma is the long, heavy, black-tipped tail, which measures almost two-thirds the length of the head and body. Pumas have extraordinary vision and are remarkably fast. They are the largest cats usually found in the United States. Pumas once lived throughout most of the country, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but they're now found mostly west of the Mississippi, with a small population of about 50 animals surviving in Florida.

Pumas are essentially solitary, strongly territorial hunters. They are likely to be more active during the day than many other cat species. Normally, pumas are very elusive, and people rarely get more than a brief glimpse of them in the wild. The predatory behavior of a puma is very similar to the domestic cat. The puma will attempt to conceal itself for a surprise attack while stalking its prey. It will assume a crouched position with the tail twitching and the ears upright. An agitated puma may snarl and lay its ears back.

These cats spend most of their time on the ground, but they are adept at climbing trees. From a standing position, they can jump a vertical distance of up to 15 feet and a horizontal distance of 40 feet.

Pumas purr but are not able to roar (only lions, tigers, leopards and jaguars can roar). In addition to purring, adult pumas make a lower-pitched squeal that attracts attention. Adult males and sometimes adult females make "scrapes" - small piles of dirt kicked up with their back feet.

In the wild, individuals visiting a scrape often change direction immediately afterward which probably means that scrapes serve as territory markers. Adult males also make scrapes when courting females.

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